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Travel and Tourism revolves around rooms and seats being filled, attractions needing promoted and travellers being informed about where to go.

By way of example, in Northern Ireland, there are around 150 hotels with nearly 10,000 available rooms and in the Guest House/B&B sector there are just under 1000 providers offering over 4000 rooms. Those visitors, whether domestic or international, have the choice to visit over 260 attractions. In the Republic of Ireland, there are nearly 850 hotels with 150,000 bedspaces and there are 1100 Guest House/B&B’s on offer with 20,000 bedspaces

Content is key to ensuring your business stand out from the crowd. However, whilst you may be a skilled operator, you may not be a skilled writer, audio or video creator with the free time to ensure every word you write works for your business.

As an award-winning travel journalist with over 20 years experience, David Gordon’s work has been trusted by editors of national newspapers, specialist travel magazines, television producers and business owners. David is also a Director & Board Member of the prestigious British Guild of Travelwriters. This means your content will be in safe hands.

Whether your plans include advertorials; brochures; destination pages; itineraries; blogs or social media planning, we’ve got you covered.

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